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Pain Relief with Cryosurgery

Dr Marc A. Katz has performed over 2300 Cryosurgery procedures for pain relief of the foot, ankle and heel.  Cryosurgery has been used for about 20 years in the pain management community.  The procedure is minimally-invasive and used for the management of Foot Pain, Heel Pain, Ankle Pain, Neuroma Pain and Neuropathy.  Foot Cryosurgery is a safe in-office procedure utilizing controlled cooling temperatures. This will produce a prolonged nerve block by destroying portions of
nerve tissues that cause pain.

Dr. Katz is the first Podiatrist and foot surgeon in Tampa Bay to become a Cryostar-certified Cryosurgeon and to perform cryoanalgesic procedures of the foot, ankle and leg.  He has also received additional advanced training from one of the foremost authorities on Cryosurgery.  He is one of the few Podiatrists in the US with this extensive training.


Foot Cryosurgery Indications:
• Neuropathy
• Morton's neuroma
• Heel Pain
• Arthritis Pain
• Plantar Fibroma
• General Foot/Ankle Pain

Advantages to Foot Cryo Surgery

• Painless
• Minimally invasive
• In-office procedure
• Walking the day of the procedure
• Minimal to no down time from work or activity
• Decreased use or discontinuation of pain medication
• May permit patient to return to fashion shoes, sandals and heels
• May permit patient to walk barefoot


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